The Studio

with Everything.

Con Todo means “with everything” in Spanish. We’ll build your brand from the ground up, from logo to launch, and beyond. We believe in an all-or-nothing approach—to our work, our relationships, and our burrito orders.

By collaborating with strategists, web developers, writers, photographers, and illustrators, Con Todo has all the capabilities of a large design agency, with the efficiency and flexibility of a one-woman-studio.


With curiosity, creativity, purpose, and integrity.

Our process centers around understanding and solving our clients’ challenges, and we make no assumptions along the way. We seek to understand historical movements, current trends, and future opportunities to best advise brands on the role they play within culture, design, and technology.

We commit every ounce of energy, passion, and skill to the work we do together, and we expect the same from our partners.

Amelia Nardinelli

Founding Story

I grew up in Berkeley, CA, inspired by the murals of San Francisco’s mission district, my mother’s career as a filmmaker, and multiple communities—from the Bay Area’s cultural mixing bowl to my Nicaraguan heritage to my Jewish roots. I’m drawn to a range of perspectives and viewpoints because I believe cool stuff happens when diversity and collaboration collide.

I’ve spent the past 15+ years developing and designing brands for a wide range of companies—from major cultural organizations and independent films, to corporate companies and innovative start-ups. I strive to make fresh and innovative work that brings positive change to the world.


With roots in Italy, Brazil, England, Mexico, Japan, the U.S., and beyond, we are drawn to diversity of thought, background, and approach. We believe our varied perspectives make our work stronger, richer, and more impactful in our increasingly global society.

Nina Fujikawa

Visual design

Mark Nicola

Web Deveopment

Evee Bangayan

Illustration + Motion graphics

Marlon Candido

Web design + Branding

Our Values

We Are: Connectors. Driven by Meaning. Idea Amplifiers. In Partnership. Curious to the Core. Drawn to Diversity. Outcome-oriented. Hard Core Optimists. Vivd Dreamers. All in.

We Are: Connectors. Driven by Meaning. Idea Amplifiers. In Partnership. Curious to the Core. Drawn to Diversity. Hard Core Optimists. Vivid Dreamers. All in.

Our values inspire us to keep on charging. They remind us where we started and where we’re headed. They remind us to keep giving everything.

Oh, and we’re female-founded, too! (This shouldn’t be a big deal these days, but it still is…only .1% of creative studios were founded by women.)

Our Services

Art Direction
App Design
Brand Strategy

Motion Graphics

Print Design
Social Strategy
Social Content
Visual Branding
Website Design

Painfix packaging

Our Projects

Bring your perspective, diversity of thought, and ideas. We’ll give you the support and autonomy to create work with meaning.