West Coast Cultures

Celebrating science with a brand for the modern grower.

What we did:
Strategy + branding + logo + Product & packaging Design + illustration + WEb design
The client

West Coast Cultures is a small start-up that makes an organic, naturally-fermented soil inoculant using live cultures. With a product aimed at large scale cannabis farmers.

the brief

California-based West Coast Cultures came to us in need of a brand identity, website, and marketing strategy to launch their first product, LactoCulture, a soil inoculant that helps roots absorb nutrients.

our approach

During discovery, we quickly honed in on West Coast Culture’s core essence: the amazing wild-caught cultures that founder, Noah Twitchell, brewed in his lab. We dove into design celebrating the science, purity, and power of the product and brand.


A tribute to sunshine and modern science, for the modern gardener.

We chose a bold yellow to pay homage to the sun—an essential part of the growing process. We played on the word culture—the bacteria core to the product and the society that surrounds us. The play on culture continued with tiny, bird-like “c”s on packaging, the website, and printed materials.


A fact-filled box that captures the product’s magic and holds up in the garden.

We wanted a sturdy container that stood out on the garden shelf so we chose bright and bold colors and a sturdy design and included essential information about the safety and effectiveness of the product.


Building legitimacy from under the microscope.

Scenes from the lab brought consumers into the process and built trust.

Amelia’s enthusiasm and dedication to the project was exceptional. She is organized, driven, and a true artist in the most professional sense.

noah twitchell
founder + ceo