Painfix packaging

Branding a new product with a Kung-Fu legacy and a fresh take on healing.

What we did:
BRAND Strategy + VISUAL BRAND identity + Website design + Packaging Design + ART direction of photography + video production + illustration

Developed by Chinese Kung Fu masters over centuries, PainFix is a pharmaceutical-grade evolution of an ancient formula. It works with targeted exercise to reduce inflammation, accelerate healing, and strengthen your body.

the brief

Redefine pain management for millennials by developing a personal and uplifting lifestyle brand. Create language, photography, and illustrations to encourage healing and promote the mindset of endless possibilities.

Our Approach

We flipped the script on pain management by designing a brand look and feel to inspire customers to take control of their pain, not let their pain control them.


Honoring the tradition of Chinese medicine while speaking to the modern wellness consumer.

Playing on the notion of balance—in the body and in life—inspired a logo and other graphics that took advantage of negative space while paying tribute to the product’s origins. We incorporated the Chinese character for “fix” into the graphics and chose vibrant colors inspired by nature.

Painfix Branding
Painfix Branding

Grab and go packaging to support active moments.

First impressions matter, so we designed a box that set a tone and a standard of quality that matched the product inside. The colorful inner package is perfect to grab and go on the way to a hike or the gym.

Painfix packaging
Painfix Brand
Painfix packaging

Photography & Video

Mixing the old and new.

We art-directed a creative session—managing everything from sourcing models to curating props—to capture the legacy of PainFix alongside the newness of the product and its future.

Black and white family photos, arrays of herbs, and real people in action told a visual story that blended ancient tradition with modern wellness.

Painfix Brand Photography
Painfix Brand Photography

The digital experience

Pain is personal.

Our custom approach to the consumer experience included an assessment to discover the right regimen and a robust checkout process. 

Adding motion kept the website feeling fresh, while illustrations, testimonials, and content backed by science added credibility to the product story.

Painfix website
Painfix website
Painfix website
Painfix Mobile Website
Painfix Mobile Website

Painfix Mobile Website
Painfix Website Recovery Kit

Whimsical sketches to inspire movement.

We created a series of illustrations for the website and a healthy body book to encourage active, exciting, pain-free lifestyles.

Sketches of traditional Chinese herbs celebrated the ingredients core to the brand.

“Con Todo is the perfect combination of creativity and efficiency. Every single person we showed PainFix to has been wowed by our product packaging and website designs. Our startup got world-class designs and a real business partner in Con Todo.”

Painfix cofounder + CEO