Love & Real Life

Love & Real Life

Relationship planning and legal advice from women who know what’s up.

WHAt we did:
Brand Strategy + HAND DRAWN Logos + Illustration + Color palette + typography + Website
The client

Founded by two lawyers, Love & Real Life supports and empowers modern women in the legal side of partnership through consultations, prenups, cohabs, and relationship planning. They needed a clear brand story that disproved the industry’s reputation as expensive, confusing, or inaccessible.

the brief

Show savvy, business-minded, millennial women that financial independence doesn’t need to be complicated. Equate financial management to self care and illustrate how prenups and cohabitation agreements can empower women in partnerships.

our approach

Sometimes branding is all about education. In this case, women didn’t know they needed us. By first educating audiences about why they needed financial management, then presenting Love & Real Life as the solution, we developed a strong brand voice and dedicated core customer.


Building a lifestyle brand, not another law firm.

We took a simple and clean approach to all visual and verbal communication, combining the emotional element of relationships with the practical benefits of managing financial health. The result: an approachable story that inspired women to take the first step.

L&RL hands
Love & Real Life

Love & Real Life

Relatable faces that welcome the modern woman.

The playful photoshoot with Love & Real Life’s female founders showcased the women behind the service while helping more women see themselves in the images.

Love & Real Life Website
Love & Real Life Website
Love & Real Life Website
Love & Real Life Website
z Website
Digital experience

More easy answers, less awkward legal talk.

Exploring the service should feel simple, so we built elements like a one-minute quiz, succinct explainers, and visuals to answer common questions.