Head-Royce School

Diversity, scholarship, and citizenship.

Our roll:
Strategy + Print Design + environmental graphics

Head Royce School is an independent school in Oakland, California with a tradition of diversity, rigorous academics, and a transformative educational experience. Their brand needed to live up to their strong reputation.

The brief

Create print materials that market the school and its many offerings, maintain strong relationships with current parents, and celebrate the many people and initiatives that set HRS apart as “student-centered and mission-driven.”

our approach

To honor their standing as an independent school, we created materials that exemplified their high standards and added a fresh, contemporary look. To buck the stereotype of schools conforming to a conservative look and feel, we focused on students, teachers, and the school’s mission-driven values.

PUblication design

HRS Magazine

From the outside, Head-Royce School appears more traditional, but when I looked closer I discovered a diversity of thought, perspective, and background unique to them. The HRS Magazine is a biannual piece that highlights the many students, teachers, alums, and administrators who bring the place to life. 

PUblication design

Family Field Guide:
Serving the modern parent with a throwback style

Rather than create yet another web page, we wanted to pay homage to HRS’ roots so we designed a vintage-inspired daily planner that includes anything a parent needs to know during the school year.

PUblication design

The Look Book:
Putting their best foot forward

Shopping for schools can feel overwhelming and often every school blends together. We focused on lifestyle photography to help parents experience the vibe of the community and colorful infographics to help them make important decisions about their child’s education.

A dye-cut cover highlights the many areas to explore and reminds parents that an education at HRS can look different for every student.


Campus Map:
Helping newcomers find their way—on campus and online

Con Todo has been able to significantly elevate the look and feel of our publications in a way that is uniquely creative and feels very authentic to our institution. Their professionalism, uncommon artistry, and warm nature also make them the ideal partner for all of our design needs!

jennifer beeson
director of communications